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Tissue tracking management, although required for regulatory compliance, is more importantly about having “effective control” of the process. In today’s highly regulated, highly litigious and expensive healthcare environment, it is imperative that hospitals have effective control of their tissue tracking process.

How quickly could your hospital respond to a product recall/adverse event?
Establishing a streamlined and automated Tissue Management process promotes the efficient delivery of quality patient care as well as timely access to critical data elements. The process does not occur simply by implementing perioperative tissue tracking software, rather it requires an understanding of your overall organization’s workflow – all the touch points and areas where tissue passes through and/or is utilized.

Coratek’s team helps organizations establish an effective Tissue Tracking Program by:

  • Evaluating the current process/current state (including current software system capabilities- not just tissue tracking systems but other existing systems that might have similar capabilities)
  • Assessing the cost/benefits of the addition of a tissue-tracking software system
  • Developing recommendations to ensure that the appropriate processes, policies and documentation are implemented
  • Working collaboratively with the organization to revise and refine process for optimal safety and compliance