System Optimization

Are you using the system(s) to its full potential?
Do you "trust" the data coming out of the system(s)?

Optimizing data collection and ensuring quality data output can help to dramatically improve the financial, operational and quality performance of your operating room.

Optimization requires going to the source(s)... As part of our optimization services, Coratek reviews work flows, data flows, data entry, points of integration and interfaces. We also ascertain if validity checks are routinely performed on integrated and captured data and assess databases such as item files, procedure dictionaries and preference cards. Additionally, optimization includes ensuring accurate and meaningful data is coming out of your system and will work with your organization to validate reports and dashboards.

Optimized perioperative systems:

  • Improve room and block utilization and decrease schedule gaps
  • Improve staff scheduling accuracy, reduce overtime (and increase staff satisfaction)
  • Reduce inventory on-hand (improving cost performance)
  • Standardize delivery of care: Providing access to "near real-time" data that helps improve quality and satisfaction e.g. more closely monitoring timely antibiotic administration and decreasing wait times
  • Facilitate better business management e.g. cost per case analysis and cost variance reporting