PreOp Optimization

Preadmission has been an increasingly important part of the patient's surgical experience in terms of surgical outcomes, patient satisfaction and day of surgery operating room efficiency (patient throughput).

Coratek has a depth of expertise and experience in streamlining and standardizing the preoperative preparation process, improving patient readiness and increasing surgeon satisfaction. Coratek typically conducts an initial assessment, provides recommendations for improvement and subsequently works collaboratively with multiple hospital departments and surgeons' offices to optimize the process. Measureable results include increased patient chart readiness day of surgery, decreased surgical delays and cancellations, decreased unnecessary testing, and increased patient, staff and surgeon satisfaction.

Coratek is also knowledgeable about emerging software technologies in the preop evaluation, patient intake and readiness, and transitional care management space and assists hospitals with ensuring that the appropriate workflows, systems and communication are in place to optimally adopt and utilize these technologies.