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The effective use of OR capacity relies on the ability to effectively manage:

  • Surgeon, Anesthesiologist & CRNA, and Nursing Time
  • Operating Room Time
  • Patient Readiness
  • Supplies / Equipment / Instrumentation availability
  • Consistent Data and Time Definitions
  • Transparency of Data – dashboards
  • Communication

Determining effective utilization helps address tough questions such as ….

  • How many OR’s should we be running?
  • Do we need an urgent room?
  • What staffing levels do we need?
  • Is our anesthesia coverage adequate?
  • Do we have too much time blocked?
  • Should we allow surgeons to flip rooms (run two rooms)?

Coratek assists clients with establishing realistic optimal utilization goals by working collaboratively with hospitals and reviewing key utilization metrics; interviewing various constituents such as surgeons, nurses, staff, anesthesiologists and/or administration; observing process and data flows, and providing recommendations for workflow & data flow design.

Achieving optimal OR capacity management can have complex implications on block time, surgeon practice patterns, service contracts, and strategic / surgeon recruitment plans. Our team is also skilled and experienced at working with hospital leadership, surgeons, anesthesiologists and OR staff to implement recommendations that improve operational efficiency, and enhance quality of care.