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Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS or Anesthesia Record Keeping, “ARK”) implementations are unique…they require a substantial amount of time, organization, and resources. They also run much more smoothly when they include skilled and experienced anesthesia system experts.

Aside from a project manager, organizations frequently don’t have experienced and/or dedicated AIMS resources to plan, prepare, implement and transition systems. Gaining the attention and gathering required decisions from the anesthesia care team is also a challenge. Additionally, many implementations involve transitioning from paper to automated record keeping which adds an additional layer of complexity around workflows and user training.

Coratek is uniquely experienced in managing all phases of anesthesia information system implementations; i.e. assessing, planning, sequencing, managing, developing, building, training, testing, facilitating and transitioning . This isn’t an area where organizations should place house-wide IT resources or “general” healthcare IT resources…. Successful AIMS implementations require perioperative IT expertise.