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All About Perioperative Data and Services.

Coratek’s team has extensive perioperative and anesthesia knowledge, real-world experience and a passion for meeting (exceeding, actually) the unique needs of each client we serve. Our team members have served in a variety of roles and in a vast number of healthcare settings which affords us the ability to adeptly handle the ever-changing and rapidly increasing challenges facing today’s ORs.

We recognize that significant financial, operational, regulatory and market pressures combined with a growing list of quality metrics have placed increasing demands on perioperative services. We partner with hospitals and health systems to facilitate the optimization of their perioperative business management and technology resources, which enables our clients to leverage their own talent in order to more efficiently and effectively provide quality patient care.

Recent industry trends have compelled Coratek to broaden its focus, albeit still tied to perioperative services. In addition to traditional operational consulting and a broad spectrum of IT-related services, Coratek also has a depth of knowledge in meeting the increasing demands on hospitals for accurate electronic quality data collection. With the healthcare market saturated with companies focused on analytics tools and warehousing data, our team members are skilled at working with clients to capture accurate data. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide subject matter expertise on quality measure reporting (i.e. SCIP, Meaningful Use reporting) and to provide assistance with data analytics tool implementations, data accuracy auditing, and hands- on training and education that will leave our clients confident to move forward.

Built on a History, with Perspective.

Mark Atkins founded Coratek in 2002 specifically to help hospitals accomplish challenging tasks within the perioperative environment. Mark understands the varied perspectives and competing needs of the concerned parties. He also understands that they need to work collaboratively to make the OR run and has successfully helped organizations in a variety of capacities improve performance by addressing the unique needs of each of the constituents.

Having worked for a leading perioperative information systems vendor, Mark understands the industry from the inside. Mark’s experience at J & J’s Healthcare management consulting division added clarity and insight to how total hospital solutions specifically affected the OR. As a result, Coratek’s approach and service offerings have been built to satisfy and evolve with the OR, a key financial driver that is generally overlooked by total healthcare management due to its complexity.

Mark and his team take great pride in providing each client with timely, professional services and value the long-term relationships and multiple engagements shared with their clients.

Experienced to Deliver Results.

Mark has over 20 years of Perioperative Services experience and knows success from the OR point of view. Under his direction as managing principal, Coratek’s experienced team members average fifteen+ years each of experience and bring unique skills, backgrounds and expertise in perioperative business practices, management, consulting, data management and information systems.

Under Mark’s direction, Coratek provides unparalleled skills and professional experience in perioperative services. Excerpts from Coratek bios include:

  • formerly VP of Operations with extensive experience in perioperative and anesthesia operational consulting services, and completed over 75 perioperative operational reviews and anesthesia-related assignments, helping hospitals and anesthesia practices to improve scheduling practices, streamline patient throughput processes, establish new perioperative governance models, improve financial performance, and grow surgical volume.
  • “BSN, RN, CNOR, with over thirty years of perioperative experience in all aspects of the perioperative process and held a key role in the project design, process flow mapping, implementation and recent opening of a fully electronic orthopaedic and spine hospital.”
  • “worked as a perioperative nurse, RN First Assistant, Surgery Supervisor, Perioperative Educator and Nursing Analyst and has extensive knowledge of perioperative practices, policy and procedure development, staff orientation/continuing education and Joint Commission readiness.”
  • “BSN, with over 25 years of clinical experience in all perioperative phases as well as GI laboratory and medical treatment units.”
  • “an experienced consultant and facilitator in perioperative process improvements and had been instrumental in streamlining the presurgical process of a large Pittsburgh-area hospital by applying Six Sigma and supplementary quality improvement techniques.”
  • “was a Senior Clinical EHR Analyst responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the clinical documentation system for hospital owned physician practices.”
  • “has over 22 years of experience with an emphasis in perioperative services process flow, operations, and business management; worked for a multi-entity health system where she was the Operating Room Systems Coordinator/Analyst responsible for several Intraop information systems including nursing documentation, anesthesia documentation, patient charge capture, and materials management.”
  • “held interim perioperative system administrative support roles and is an integral part of system Go-Lives, assisting users with technical issues, guiding users to a more efficient workflow, and effectively communicating with project management to ensure a smooth implementation.”
  • “trained users at the group level, one-on-one, in the classroom and in the OR setting and has designed, created and implemented a series of hospital-customized Computer Based Training (CBT) modules used to assist staff in becoming proficient users of the clinical documentation and scheduling suite.”
  • “strong technical background and his experience in a clinical setting together provide a unique perspective that is beneficial in achieving success in a wide variety of projects and engagements.”
  • “over 8 years of experience in Project Management and Database Management and was responsible for capturing and analyzing data, managing databases and inventory systems, and software support; managed multi-million dollar projects with multiple resources for clients of various sizes and needs.”

Additionally, Coratek has the benefit of partnering with other leading industry experts to provide our clients with resources that meet their specific needs in these rapidly changing and increasingly challenging healthcare delivery, reimbursement and reporting environments.

Focused on a Mission.

Our Mission is to provide each client with expertise and guidance that is tailored toward the individual client’s needs and to assist our clients in establishing, achieving and sustaining their operational, financial, and/or clinical performance goals.

Please reference Our Services for additional details or give us a call to discuss your specific needs.