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Featured Article

The Perioperative Surgical Home

What is it?

Periop Surgical HomeThe Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) is a new model for perioperative care delivery being encouraged and advanced by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). While the model is still evolving, the ASA has put forth the following description: “The Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH) strives to achieve the triple aim of better health, better healthcare, and reduced expenditures for all patients undergoing surgery and invasive procedures. As a patient-centered, physician-led, interdisciplinary and team-based system, the PSH coordinates care from pre-procedure assessment through the acute care episode, recovery, and post-acute care. The goal is for each perioperative patient to receive the right care at the right place and at the right time, with better patient satisfaction, fewer complications, and decreased costs.” 1

Why is it gaining traction?

The ASA’s motivation for the development of the PSH has been to address “deficiencies and weaknesses in a patient’s surgical care experience”. Deficiencies and Weaknesses such as: variations in practice, costs and outcomes; lack of coordination of care, collaboration, and communication among perioperative healthcare professionals; and lack of transparency, patient-centeredness/engagement, and shared decision making during the perioperative journey.  The PSH is seen as a viable solution for hospitals and anesthesia providers to achieve the “triple aim” of better health outcomes, a better patient experience, at a lower cost and is designed to be more in-line with value based reimbursement models and the transition to pay for performance.

Some of the Potential Benefits
Check Mark Improved quality and safety
Check Mark Increased collaboration
Check Mark Improved patient satisfaction
Check Mark Enhanced team-based care models
Check Mark Advancement of standardization and use of evidence based protocols
Check Mark Decreased surgical delays and cancellations
Check Mark Quicker surgical recovery; decreased hospital length of stay & readmissions

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"Coratek helped us with an evaluation of use and ultimately reimplementation of our GE CPM system, including preparation and go-live support for ClinDoc. Our experience with Coratek was outstanding. Coratek's staff was experienced and knowledgeable and helped us understand our system much better from all aspects. From technical, applications, and operational perspectives, Coratek had the bases covered."

-Johnny Roberts, Director - Surgical Services, United Regional Healthcare System


"The experience was very positive and productive. The reports were both timely and accurate, and the consultant was a pleasant, concerned representative."

-Myra Jo Beach, OR Director WVUH


"Coratek definitely exceeded expectations. Having someone who had been through many implementations and go-lives who was confident that we too would succeed was very reassuring to our team. The Coratek staff were quick to trouble shoot problems, a great resource for staff and were able to make our go-live run smoothly. We would welcome their experience and expertise for any future upgrades and implementations."

-Lori Wiskochil, Systems Coordinator for Surgery